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“Tough times don’t last, tough people, do.”

The above quote motivates us to not to succumb to hurdles, failures, and hardships in our lives. But unfortunately, many people get immensely depressed and even try of ending their precious lives when they find no hopes from anywhere and see themselves heading towards doom thinking of suicide to be the solution. 

As per astrology, the moon controls the thought process in our mind and mercury controls its judgments. When this mercury is afflicted by other planets, it gives rise to wrong feelings and provokes the person towards committing suicide. But Vedic astrology is here lending its helping hand for all sorts of problems. It not only focuses on informing the issues to the bearer but also helps in providing definite solutions which in turn help in improving the weak planets with the help of gemstones, mantra chanting etc. It primarily works on the weak areas of the bearer because of which the person wanted to commit suicide. Hence, focusing on the holistic growth and solution to the person.

Vedic astrology can and will give the kind of life you desire but it’s all a matter of belief and patience.

Successfully resolved many suicidal, depression, loneliness related cases

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