Kamakhya Temple Das Mahavidya Puja - Origin Of 10 Mahavidya

Kamakhya Temple Das Mahavidya Puja - Origin Of 10 Mahavidya

The “Brihat Dharma Purana” describes the mythology of how these ten “figures” appeared. According to this mythology, Sati, wife of Lord Shiva, wanted to go to her father’s house, because her father, Daksha, was organizing a huge “yagya” (fire sacrifice). Daksha invited everyone except Lord Shiva and daughter Sati. Furious, Sati insisted on attending the sacrifice, in spite of Shiva forbidding her from doing so. Her anger transformed Sati into a terrible presence, which multiplied into the ten Mahavidya. These Goddesses jointly subdued Shiva’s resistance and thereby, Sati proceeded ahead to attend the sacrificial ritual.

KALI – This “Devourer of Time” is worshipped as the very essence of the Brahman or the Supreme Self. Kali is regarded as the Supreme Deity of Kalikula systems

TARA – the Goddess is worshiped as guide and protector and savior the one who gives ultimate knowledge which gives salvation (also known as Neel Saraswati

LALITA TRIPURA Sundari – Also known as shodashi, she is the one who is “most beautiful in the Three Worlds” (Supreme Deity Srikula systems); the “Tantric Parvati” or the “Moksha Mukta”.

BHUVANESHWARI – the Goddess as World Mother, or Whose Body is the Cosmo

BHAIRAVI – the fierce warrior Goddess

CHINAMMASTIKA – The self-decapitated Goddess, who holds her neck in her hands

DHUMAVATI – The Widow Goddess or the Goddess of death.

BAGALAMUKHI –The Goddess Who Paralyzes Enemies.

MATANGI – the Prime Minister of Lalita (in Srikula systems); the “Tantric Saraswati”

KAMALA –The Lotus Goddess; the “Tantric Lakshmi”

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Charges: $300 (Overseas)

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