Good Marriage

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Love is one of the most profound emotions we experience as humans. Love can happen to anybody, anytime. Seeking for love and finding a correct partner should not be bound by the society around you. To have the right partner in your life there is nothing called a “correct time” to be together. Many people find their right partners before their marriage while others fall for each other after they are tied in a wedding knot.

However, some good things don’t last long. Fast lifestyle, lack of time for each other, tensions and financial pressure makes an ideal candidate for Extra Marital Conditions. Due to lifestyle changes, the core foundation of being together, living and loving has lost all its meanings.

The solution for an extramarital affair is commonly searched because having an extramarital affair leads to breaking even stronger relationships. When it comes to love relationship problem solution, the solutions might be difficult but that doesn’t mean it cannot be resolved.

Why does the extramarital affair happen?

The chances of someone having an extramarital affair was very less earlier because of simple lives lead by the people. However, today people are engaged in a modern lifestyle and are very strong opinionated about everything and anything, they are very open to admitting their relationships also that is why the chances of having an extramarital affair nowadays are high.

The Solution for extramarital affair from astrology:-

On the path to find the best solution for an extramarital affair, you have to understand first that positions of the planets play an important role in determining the reasons for extramarital affairs and its astrological solutions. There is a connection of astrology to things happening in ones’ life.

The Solution for extramarital affairs by astrology is directly or indirectly connected to the seventh house of the horoscope. The main point of focus is given to the weakness and strengths of the seventh house of one’s birth chart. 

How extramarital affairs arise according to astrology?

To make generic predictions regarding the possibilities of having an extramarital affair the status of following astrological elements of the birth chart of any partner are the most important:-

    The nature of the planets present in the seventh house.

    Negative yogas in your birth chart.

  The positive effect of Planets on the seventh house.

The impact of negative planets and negativity on Venus creates a situation of Extra-Marital Affairs.

    The dominance of Rahu rises in power in Kalyuga.

    Location, nature, and power status of Venus, Jupiter, Moon, and Mars.

    Dominant nature and strength of signs Scorpio and Pisces; and presence of doshas like Mangal Dosha, pertinent, etc.

For more queries, you can contact us.

We will suggest best mantras, gemstones, and other creative measures when you are looking for the relevant solution for extramarital affairs problems.

We study the positive and negative influences of various planets on these houses, and based on that we recommend suggestions and remedies.


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