Respected All ,
Following are some situations which arise in a marriage which create troubles although the Position and Degree of Planet Venus is very Good but Disturbances arise due to other Planets and their Effect on Planet Venus.

PLANET RAHU WITH VENUS: Drinking Alcohol and behaving differently , Cheating with partner giving excuse of alcohol, Fighting, Abusing, Loud, Indecent after Alcohol Intake etc.

PLANET KETU WITH VENUS: Confusion Unable to decide between options , suspicion , insecurity, obsessive, overprotective, not giving freedom, fear of losing interest all the time etc.

PLANET MARS WITH VENUS: Argumentative, Possessiveness, Self Control, Ego, Reactive, Impulsive, etc.

PLANET SUN WITH VENUS: Anger, Loss of Temper, Loss of self control etc.

PLANET JUPITER WITH VENUS: Very Dominating, Not Listening etc.

PLANET SATURN WITH VENUS: Very Judgmental etc.

Above mentioned are some of the reasons & situations of Problems In Marriage

For Marriage Problem Solution

We have to Pacify, Please and Cool Down

Other Planets through Spiritual PRAYERS and Removal of Gemstones of Other Planets.

Successfully resolved many in-laws, separation, divorce-related issues