I have come across many such people who have Good Love Life History but Every time it gets Disturbed and Ends with a Break Up Where Their Partner Is still in touch with them and wants to Restart the Relationship with Them .
 Where Love Never Ends
After Studying such Horoscopes i realized that the Planet Venus is at Very Powerful Degree and Position that is why their Partners cannot forget them but there seems no future because Planet Venus is Disturbed by Following Reasons and Placement of other Planets .
PLANET RAHU WITH VENUS : Drinking Alcohol and behaving differently , Cheating with partner giving excuse of Alcohol , Fighting , Abusive after Alcohol,  Loud, Indecent after Alcohol Intake etc.
PLANET KETU WITH VENUS : Confusion Unable to decide between options , suspicion , insecurity , obsessive overprotective , not giving freedom , fear of loss of love all the time etc.
PLANET MARS WITH VENUS:   Argumentative , Possessiveness , Self  Control , Ego , Reactive , Impulsive etc .
PLANET SUN WITH VENUS   :   Anger , Loss of temper , Loss of self        control etc.
PLANET JUPITER WITH VENUS : Very Dominating , Not Listening etc .
PLANET SATURN WITH VENUS: Very Judgemental etc .
Above mentioned are some of the reasons & situations of  Lost Love
For Lost Love Solution
We have to Pacify, Please and Cool Down
Other Planets through Spiritual PRAYERS and Removal of Gemstones of Other Planets.
Successfully resolved many lost love & broken relationship issues