Despite Lot of Hard Work and sincerity, we are unable to Rise in our Job at our workplace
we see that less & incompetent people getting better opportunities, offers and better Jobs with the higher pay scale.
this can be very frustrating.
For Job Growth
We have to Increase the Power of Planet Sun so that we have the confidence to apply and grab the opportunity of a better Job with higher salary package and Respectable Designation.
We have to Energize Planet Sun Through Energized gemstone and Prosperity PRAYERS
We have to Pacify Planet Ketu which slows us down like a tortoise and not move from one Job to a better other.
We have to Pacify Planet Rahu which can destroy our reputation in the present Job resulting in no Job offers.
We have to Pacify, Please and Cool Down Planets Rahu & Ketu Through PRAYERS and Removal of their Gemstone
Successfully resolved many job growth related issues by creating better job opportunities.