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Health Is The Most Important Aspect of Life
As you can see in the above-mentioned diagram all Body Parts and Organs need care and attention for a smooth and healthy running human body.
The major player in the health of a person is BLOOD CIRCULATION. A Healthy Body Needs BALANCED BLOOD PRESSURE & CIRCULATION. A High Blood Pressure Damages Organs, Veins, Bones, Brain Etc. A Low  Blood Pressure Stops All Functions Slowly Damaging Human Body. Blood Circulation & Blood Pressure are as important as the Fuel To a Vehicle
Fuel Fast Overflow Supply Stops the Engine of a Vehicle. Fuel Slow Supply Stops The Engine of a Vehicle. Higher Degree of Planet Sun can cause High Blood Pressure. Lower Degree or Weak Planet Sun can Cause Low Blood Pressure.
We Have to Balance Blood Circulation By Balancing Planet Sun Through Energized Gemstone in Case of Low Blood Pressure. Through Removal of Planet Sun Gemstone In Case of High Blood Pressure. We can Balance Planet Sun
We have to Energize Planet Moon Case of Anger and High Blood Pressure We have to Energize Planet Sun & Jupiter in Case of Low Blood Pressure.
Note: Planet Jupiter is the Source of Energy we have to Energize Planet Jupiter in Cases of Laziness and Low Energy Levels. We have to Energize Planet Jupiter In Cases of Motion Sickness
We have to take help of Energized Gemstones to Increase Power & Strength of Planets. We have to take Help of Spiritual PRAYERS in Some Cases Which Are UnDiagnosed Despite All Medical Tests and Medical Science Help. Where All Medical Tests of Solution Seeker are Perfectly Fine  But Still The Health Related Problem Cannot be Diagnosed and Solved by Medical Science.
Successfully resolved many undiagnosed health-related issues.