Sometimes I have come across such married couples where everything just seems to be perfect like finance, love, loyalty, good children, respect, own house, good cars, servants, luxuries etc
Everything is just Perfect But Somehow the connect and communication  between husband and wife  finishes
Both husband and wife stop talking to each for no or unknown reason further damaging health of each other
recently I came  across such people who do not drink alcohol, who do not eat on veg, who have healthy home cooked food mostly every day but one day they are diagnosed with some deadly disease like cancer, heart attack, tumor etc to my surprise the doctor said it was stress because they could not share and talk about their problems with anyone .
The disease arose because of not talking to each other for no or unknown reason known to either one of them.
I studied the horoscope of such a married couple close to me, I was surprised I could not find any disturbance of any planet in the house chart etc . it was a good marriage according to astrology.
I went to the lady whose husband died of such one deadly disease under the similar circumstance and asked what had happened between the husband and wife why they stopped talking to each other living under the same roof sleeping in the same room every day.  I got a surprising answer from her she said maybe someone could not see our happiness the way we all were very happy and a very contented family.
Surprisingly there was no reason for the disconnect between husband and wife I personally know that family from childhood days.
All I could understand and realize was that some close relative or friend who was jealous did some negative energy activity towards this family.
Good Marriage Solution
We have to do Positive Energy Spiritual PRAYERS at least once in every year to check, clean, purify us so that no jealous person is doing something wrong, thinking negatively for us and sending negative energies in different forms.
Note: A negative energy can travel and disturb us in the form of a negative thought also if someone is jealous and thinking negatively about us.
We have to keep our self-clean and away from negative energies through Positive Energy Spiritual PRAYERS
Successfully resolved many miss-understanding, miss-communication related issues