For Education Problem Solution
We have to Energize, Give Power and Strength to Planet:
Mercury / Budh: Related to Brain and The Power To Understand and Absorb new Information, Education. A weak Planet mercury will make a Person Understand Slowly and With very Difficulty, Such People with weak Mercury Planet in their horoscope Usually leave Studies or are unable to carry forward Education in Their very important phase of schooling and higher education. Such People with Weak Mercury are Poor with Documentation and Legal Paper Work so they are Cheated Many Times Further.They Get Involved in False Cases.

We have to Energize, Give Power and Strength to Planet Mercury Through Energised Gemstones And Prosperity PRAYERS.

We have to Pacify, Please and Cool Down
Planets: Rahu, Ketu Planets That can weaken the Power of Mercury Through PRAYERS and Removal of Their Gemstones
Successfully resolved many addiction-related issues